Branka Knapp

Owner of Branka Realty

People ask me where does the name Branka (Brahn-ca) come from. Well, it’s my first name and I’m from Former Yugoslavia (Eastern Europe). I came to the United States as an exchange student in High School in Milwaukee, WI (1995). I graduated college from Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a Bachelors in Information Technology and Management (2000) where I met my husband Bob.

I bought my first condo in 2002 in Nashville and flipped it for a profit. Excited with the outcome, my husband and I bought a lake house next that needed a lot of work. We had to dredge the lake and renovate the whole house which we did ourselves. This house is what inspired me to become a Realtor and the adventure began in 2004 as a licensed real estate agent.

I moved to Phoenix in 2008 to see if I could catch the upswing of real estate. The upswing took a lot longer than that, but I got my real estate license in Phoenix, AZ right away and went to work. Not long after, I realized I could deliver better service if I owned my own real estate company, so I got my broker license and Branka Realty was born!

I fight for my clients like no other and am very innovative along the way. You will never wait for a phone call return and I’m with you from beginning to end. I’m not just your realtor but I’m also your friend! I always like to say “I guarantee the best real estate service” because my name is on the sign and my name depends on you to be ecstatic with your experience buying or selling your home with me.